The Dazzling Dark

Visualizing Our Night Sky

Environmental & Interactive


The Dazzling Dark is an exhibit at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center designed to educate audiences about the impacts of light pollution. Since the Grand Canyon is an International Dark Sky Park, the exhibit aims to build on the wonder of the local nightscape, empowering visitors to recognize and take steps against light pollution. 


As part of the exhibit, an interactive display called “Explore the Night” invites visitors to engage dynamically with the subject of light pollution. A clean, simple interface places the emphasis on nocturnal visuals and educational content.


Environmental & interactive


Scientific, clean, trustworthy, objective


Bradford Prairie




Enlightening visitors

“Explore the Night” is comprised of a touch screen controlling an overhead projection. The large projection provides impressive visuals of the night sky designed to engage the active user and to draw in bystanders at the exhibit. 

Although more than 99% of the U.S. population lives under light-polluted skies, light pollution is one of the least-recognized forms of pollution among the general public. To address this lack of awareness, “Explore the Night” is designed to improve light pollution literacy and open visitors’ eyes to the awe-inspiring potential behind the status quo.