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Brand Refresh


AAA is the second-largest member-based organization in the United States, and is widely trusted for its auto service, travel options, and discounts. However, its visual identity is inconsistently applied amongst the 32 regional auto clubs that comprise the organization.


AAA sought a rebrand to codify its brand nationwide and provide solutions for its many applications. The refreshed identity preserves brand equity while empowering regional groups to align with the national brand, improving consistency and ease of recognition.


Brand refresh


Trustworthy, protective, approachable, valuable


Bradford Prairie




Brand audit

Reviewing the current visual identity and comparing it with those from similar organizations revealed an opportunity for unity. The existing AAA identity is inconsistently applied across national and regional websites, print publications, and environmental graphics. Typography, use of color, brand elements, and photographic style all vary. New guidelines are called for to codify the AAA brand nationwide and address its diverse uses.



The current AAA logo is widely recognized, and the brand is strongly associated with its red, white, and blue color palette. The new logo leverages this while improving the usability of the crest by eliminating the swoosh, creating a cleaner and more adaptable footprint. Additionally, the white space defining the "AAA" has been refined, resolving previously cramped letterspacing and trapped whitespace.

Current Logo

Brand guidelines

New guidelines are presented online for ease of access by regional clubs and local branches, with downloadable assets and kits available for both national and regional branding.


A unified online presence

AAA currently lacks a well-developed website representing their national brand, with "aaa.com" immediately redirecting visitors to regional clubs. A new national website provides a friendlier overview for those new to AAA, introducing them to the benefits of membership and encouraging them to join while still making it easy to find their local club.