Squirrel Fuel

A Nutty Snack Bar

Packaging & Interactive


Squirrel Fuel makes organic snack bars for kids, created entirely from fruits, nuts, and seeds. The company seeks to stand out among health-focused snack brands by conveying a joyful sense of play and wholesomeness.


The hand-drawn logo and whimsically illustrated squirrel characters differentiate Squirrel Fuel from snack brands that take a more literal approach in their presentation. Enlivening the brand with imaginative flare, the visuals also convey a commitment to hand-crafted goodness.


Branding, packaging & interactive


Fun, whimsical, energetic


Sean Bacon




Setting the Bar

Analyzing popular snack bars in the children’s health food market revealed an opportunity for packaging that stands out with fanciful illustrations and engaging characters. Perfect Kids, RX Kids, and CLIF Kid ZBAR present recognizable and trustworthy identities to parents, but their on-the-nose imagery is less engaging for kids.

Perfect Kids
  • Smooth graphical elements suggest an appealing texture
  • Rectangular logo feels at odds with surrounding organic shapes
  • Flavor appears low in hierarchy
  • Happy peanut looks inviting
RX Kids
  • Bar contents are easy to identify
  • Bar photo and secondary colors look murky
  • Relies mostly on parents’ familiarity with RXBAR
  • Playful doodle adds personality to simple packaging
  • Energetic angles and typography catch the eye
  • Organic badge is easy to spot
  • Skateboarding boy may limit appeal by demographic and activity level
  • Blue-dominant color scheme veers toward corporate feel


A playful approach

Squirrel Fuel embraces a hand-drawn style designed to appeal to kids’ imaginations and parents’ desire for authentically wholesome snacks. Friendly squirrel characters on vibrant backgrounds present each flavor in a lighthearted, dynamic, and easily identifiable way.


Nutty snacks online

The e-commerce site builds trust with appetizing photography, icons to clarify nutrition at a glance, and eye-catching testimonials. Subscription options and special offers are easy to spot.

A world of squirrely fun

A QR code on the back of each bar invites kids to enjoy a different game for every flavor. Adding value through fun, the games also encourage positive associations with healthy ingredients and boost engagement with the Squirrel Fuel brand.


Socially snackable

Social media provides a balance of promos, posts that showcase healthful ingredients, and cheerful images of kids playing along with the squirrels.